* Note:  The above title says "Project Descriptions" which is true, but it also speaks to the goals for Adam's House Of Hope. 

Project #01: Morton Building 60'x80' (4,800sq.ft.) Hot Rod Shop will be located at Adam's House Of Hope's Residential Home on 5 acres.  This facility will have a 1800sq.ft. Display and education area in the front and a 3,000sq.ft. + Shop area.  We are pre-staging parts, for the building of our 1933 Ford Coupe/Model T Bucket series.  This is a ground up build the RoadRunners will do.  All completion work; engine, transmission, rear-end, wiring, interior and paint, will be done by the RoadRunners.  We are making arrangements to co-op with other Hot Rod Shops as a fabrication, completion, detail and customer delivery point.  This facility will be the RoadRunners headquarters, base of operation, and 1-800-runaway coordination "Safe Place 24/7".  The RoadRunners are youth coordinators, with adult advisory advocates for guidance.
Project Cost: $375,000 - Building $175,000 - Shop Equipment and setup $150,000 - Site Plan $50,000 #01a: RoadRunner Club Startup Costs: Jackets, hoodies, caps, plaques, key chains, handout pens, pencils and Frisbees.  Cost: $8,500 Serves 25 youths.

Project #02: 1933 Ford 3 window coupe/Model T Bucket series. The Road Runners will do a ground up build on a 1933 Ford Coupe/Model T Bucket series.  A Olds engine (machine shop to long block farmed out), Transmission; TH200-4R, Ford 9" w/3 link torque arm.  The RoadRunners will do all completion work; engine, transmission, rear-end, wiring, interior and paint on this project.  All of our project Rods run on E85 Fuel.  Volunteer instructors from area high school Vo-Tech, and the hot rod community will be overseeing the 33' coupe and T bucket projects.
Project Cost:  $95,000 - These costs cover parts acquisition.  The RoadRunners will supply elbow grease.

Project #03: A.(1) & A.(2) BioDiesel/BioFuel/FlexFuelUS Program - B. EVANS Waterless Engine Coolant - C. EnviroSafe Auto A/C Refrigerants
A.(1)  BioDiesel:  Our RoadRunners will have the capability to produce 2,100 gallons of BioDiesel a month.  BioDiesel can be used in most diesel engines without
modification (FAQ. #7) that use #2 petroleum based diesel. It is produced from used cooking oil - w/fresh oil option;  peanut, canola or soybean (P.C.S.).  BioDiesel burns 85% cleaner than petroleum based-diesel, and the byproduct from its production are biodegradable soap. Adam's House's supplies all of it's own BioDiesel for it's operations.
Project Cost: $206,000 - Includes 2 FuelMeister 400 Semi Automated refinery stations (800 gallons per day - $60,000) 2 expansion tanks, and 2 Collection diesel box truck ($40,000 ea) $80,000 - 2750 BioDiesel/BioFuel Analyzer $45,000, Startup supplies $15,000, Building rental & Utilities $36,000 (12mos), Advertising Pak $15,000.  Co-op or donation (tax deductible) $.50 per gallon discount from street price.  [Example: Street $2.50 - Less $.50 = Donation of $2.00 per gallon]
A.(2)  BioFuel: E85 Flex Fuel U.S. "85% Ethanol + 15% Gas = 100% Smart - Ethanol Conversion Systems
Project Cost: $15,000 - These costs cover stocking inventory, training and equipment cost.

B.  EVANS: Waterless Coolant Technology; sea level, zero pressure it starts to boil at 375 degrees. EVANS Coolant is a new technology into itself, with no coolant system maintenance.  It has nothing in common, nor does it share any of the attributes of anti-freeze water based coolants.  Diesel truck over the road operators report an up to 8% mileage increase, with the EVANS coolant, and it has an million mile service life.  In internal combustion engines Heat makes horsepower, which means improved engine efficiencies.  Performance enthusiasts really appreciate the benefits of the EVANS product.  EVANS is environmentally safe, and if it spills on the garage floor and the cat licks it, it will not kill or make it sick.  EVANS is used straight in the cooling system.  Absolutely, NO WATER, NO WATER, NO WATER!
Project Cost: $5,250

C.  EnviroSafe: Is an automotive A/C refrigerant alternative to 134A now in use by the automotive industry. EnviroSafe is all natural, environmentally safe, and is cooler than 134A.
Project Cost: $3,500

Project #04:  Gravely 272H XDZ Diesel Zero Turn Mower and Trailer.  This zero turn mower will be used on site and in our community service program.  It is a diesel, which will run on our BioDiesel fuel.  The trailer serves two purposes; to transport the Gravely and the RoadRunners' project Hot Rods.
Project Cost: $18,500  

Project #05:  1966 Plymouth HEMI/E85 (period specific) Satellite frame-off restoration.  This restoration rod will be taken to Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction in the spring of 2012.  This vehicle is located out of state.  It is documented with over $20,000 in replacement parts, not including a Keith Black built 440/six pak, 4-speed, and 727 transmissions. Estimated value of this package is $42,000.  The selling price is $18,000. Transport to Adam's House will be $6,500.  Total before re-construction $24,500.  We will acquire a HEMI crate motor for $10,000 for a total of $34,500.  RoadRunners labor and out source for completion $32,000, equals $66,5000.  Like Vehicles have auctioned from $75,000 to $118,000.  We will set a reserve of $68,000.  Our Classic Car Insurer has no problem with an agreed valuation of $110,000 replacement.
Project Cost: $64,5000

Project #06: 1969-70 Plymouth Roadrunner involves a project car without an engine or transmission.  This car will be a quality driver on purchase.  The club will install the Keith Black built 440/six pak/E85, and 4-speed trans from project #5.  Budget for acquisition of this car is $10,000.  Additional rebuild costs of $20,000, brings the total to $30,000.  The RoadRunners can elect to keep or sell the finished car.  Our Classic insurer says agreed replacement value of $45,000. Project Cost:  $30,000.

Project #07: Holiday Rambler Ambassador 40 PLQ (Diesel) will be the RoadRunners primary mode of transportation for our cruises and events.  It too is a diesel and will be fueled by our BioDiesel product.
This motor home is a 2009 and retails for $190,500 with extended warranty.  Adam's House Of Hope's road tours; Good Guys, Route 66, Lions Club Classic Car, and local events mandates this vehicle as #1 of a 2 vehicle over the road transportation system.
Project Cost:  $244,500

Project #08: 2009 Holiday Rambler Traveler (Diesel) is the RoadRunners main transportation vehicle.  It will go to all events, and trailer the RoadRunners' project car(s).  It again is diesel and will use our BioDiesel. Project Cost: $98,168, including extended warranty.

Project #09: Vintage and Classic Auto Donations for the RoadRunners Auto Museum -
Project Cost:  $350,000 to cover acquisition cost, insurance, inspection, transport and storage for up to 8 autos.

Adam's House Of Hope appreciates your interest in these projects for our youth.  There is also a provision for the RoadRunners to work on each others cars with very little out of pocket expense.  Project #03 has dynamics built into it that brings a resource stream that will cover those youths projects.  The end result is they learn, they apply what they have learned, and build unique but functional skill sets for adulthood.


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