There is NO such thing as a young person, anywhere that is not "At-Risk" in today's society.  Adam's House Of Hope is a Youth Opportunity Partnership Organization. We are advocates for young people 21 years of age and under.  Many youth in eastern Jackson County endure barriers that do not allow them access to opportunities for educational, economic and spiritual growth.  To compound their issues, these youth are directed to dead end, stop gap, so-called solutions, that are without merit and track records of failure.   After a trip around the block with one of these entanglements, youth feel cheated, and are even more discouraged.  At-risk youth without purpose, direction and idle time, turn to behavior that puts them on a pathway for crime, substance abuse, teen pregnancy and violence behavior.  We believe in intervention, before they make that jump to high-risk or worst.


 The funding resources, opportunity, and mentorship to develop citizens of good moral character, who can learn trust and respect, while we value their right to be unique individuals.

"I grew up in Des Moines, Iowa as a youth.  Whenever I saw a Hot Rod, I could and did embrace the idea, that I not only liked them, but also wanted one. My dad said "Save your money, and you can get a Hot Rod".  At thirteen and $300 later, I had a 1939 Ford with a 1953 Olds engine.  The transmission only had reverse, and I am sure Dad figured since I backed it in the garage, what the heck!  I rebuild the tranny myself and had it running in 2 weeks." 
"Today's youth go to McDonald's for the Street/Hot Rod Cruise on Thursday evenings.  They see the rods; worth 20, 30, 40 thousand plus dollars and the owners who look like you and me...old (er).  Then comes the "Disconnect".  Adam's House Of Hope's charge is to reconnect our youth to a Great American pass time! 
ANSWER - Project Descriptions #2  
 - William Herndon




"Good Morning"
Adam's House has an ongoing Campaign To Raise Awareness of the many benefits of the Hot Rod and Street Rodding Industry. We do this by focusing on two areas;
Featuring Gallery Of Rods from Jackson County and the Kansas City Metro area, for your enjoyment and giving youth 1:64th Die Cast Metal Model Cars, that lend excitement and raise interest in our youth. Guess what? It Works!
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