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  •  Adam's House Of Hope is spiritually faith based.  We believe that God has a purpose for us in life.  Our Goal is to connect/re-connect our youth to real values in life and community, and away from engaging in criminal and violent behavior.  This connect/re-connect philosophy is not a typical institutional idea to impact at-risk youth.  Rather, Adam's House has chosen a time proven combination of experience and life application of family values, educational and biblical principles.  Life is not about things being "All Fun", being rude, being mean and that constant search for "Instant Gratification".  This is not reality.  Everyone has full time responsibility to rules and society that govern our everyday lives.  Our young people should have the opportunity, to develop to their fullest potential, to be successful players in life as apposed to feeling they have no identity or worth, but allow them to be unique individuals.  Being productive human beings has it's rewards, and we want them to enjoy the Drive!

    The vehicle to Adam's House Of Hope's Objective is the Youth Opportunity Program (YOP), which is endorsed by the state of Missouri's Department Of Economic Development.  Adam's House Of  Hope's Professional Program Services expands upon this program.  Adam's House has a dual element approach to it's philosophy.  The First is Education.  You must have your core educational requirements met, while taking advantage of world educational bench mark standards to raise that educational "Bar" even higher.  That means more credits and not limited to the following; applied math, advance math, science, english, honing reading skills, elements of test taking, computer science technologies, business manage and renewable technologies.  Our youth want to belong to, and be a part of "What's Go'in On".  Adam's House Of Hope's Second element addresses this requirement.  We have formed an "Ole School" 1950's and 1960's Hot Rod - Street Rod Club named "The RoadRunners".  Organized and sponsored!  The RoadRunners will facilitate Adam's House's Educational Mandates!  Education is a Integral Component of The RoadRunners!  Our Hot Rod and Street Rod Club will be highly visible in the community.  Jackson County has a very active automotive enthusiast base, with some of the "Coolest" Super Rods (show quality cars driven on the street) that make the West coast, East coast guys and gals do a "Double Take!"
    We invite you to join and support Adam's House Of Hope in our endeavor to truly impact and change the lives of youth in Jackson County.
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