• Adam's House Of Hope's mandate for success with youth and families is through parent training and education.  Education defines who we are.  Our programs are outcome and accountability based, with certificates awarded.  Adam's House's youth are from urban, suburban and rural communities.  We consider all youth "At-Risk", just from watching their local evening television broadcasts in the comfort of their homes.  Adam's House Of Hope's believes that there are only two categories that define our youth; "At-Risk and High-Risk".  High-Risk are youth that are already in the Social Service and Juvenile Justice Systems.  Emphasis is on the following program areas:

    * Degree Completion: High School - Associate - Technical - 4 & 5 year College Level
    * Nutritional Education and Service Programs - Food For Life Supreme
    * Education: eTutoring with notebook computers (wireless and wall-less)
    * Elements of In-School Youth Programs
    * Driver's Education
    * High School Extracurricular Participation
    * The Self Defense Life Group
    * Life Skills Training - "Connect with Kids" Curriculum 
    *  "Safe Place" Partnership: 1-800-runaway
    * Internship & Apprenticeship
    * Environmentally Friendly Hands On Tech Programs: BioDiesel - Waterless Automotive Coolant
       EnviroSafe Refrigerants
    * Community Service - Give Back Programs
    * Mentor - Role Model
    * Substance Abuse Prevention
    * Violence Prevention
    * Conflict Resolution
    * Counseling: Youth and Family
    * Employment Opportunity - Re/Cross Training in Green Technologies
    * Veterans to Civilian Integration Programs
    * Small Business Enterprise Assistance
    * Charter School: Home School/Bound Education/Alternative School Setting/Cooperative Learning System - K thru 12, 4 to 1 student teacher ratio/year round education
    * Adult Recovery Program 
    * Youth Recovery Program
    * Adult Daycare
    * Newborn to School Age Wellness Daycare Program
    * Personal Development: Massage Therapy - Personal Trainer - Martial Arts "The Tiger Song Do
    * Air Emergency Preparative/Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Partnership

    [ note: Adam's House Of Hope is Hearing/Speech (English & Spanish) Impaired and special needs capable ]
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